Cosmos; bourgeois annuals?

I really like Cosmos; with their fresh, green, ferny foliage and generous flowers they are aristocratic mainstays of many summer displays. I have grown them successfully for many years but the last three years have proved difficult. The reason? Snails.

I grow Cosmos from seed in plugs, potting them on into 3” square pots to grow into sturdy plants. They are then placed into the borders to flourish. Well, that’s the plan.

Recently pesky [republican?] snails have sniffed out the newly planted Cosmos and unceremoniously beheaded them in the night. They scale the plants under the cover of darkness finding the (presumably) tender juicy growing points and rasp the top off. In the morning the decapitated plant is left for me to discover.

Sometimes it acts as little more than a pinching-out and the plants recover to bloom quite well. Usually, however, it is the end for the plant, the shock seeing it off.

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