Summer is over. Enjoy Autumn. October 2017

Now, I do like #Summer and like most people look forward to it; long days, warm-ish temperatures and outdoor stuff to occupy mind and body. Great gardens to visit and beautiful countryside to stroll in.

We all lament the passing of #Summer as we slip into September, from August, but nonetheless when we arrive at Autumn every year, I grow to enjoy it more and more. It is a season to relish in its own right with just as much attraction as its flashier seasonal sibling who normally grabs all the headlines.

Last week I walked along the valley of the river East Allen on a damp, mild October day and enjoyed every second of what I saw, smelled and heard. We’ve had a few cold nights recently and that has brought on an early burst of Autumn colour in the deciduous trees. Added to that there was an occasional breeze that tugged these yellowing leaves from the branches and swirled them gently around my head before they fell to the ground.

East Allen in October

When the low golden sun did make a brief appearance along the walk it did so to great effect, lighting up damp leaves and tumbling water along the way.  It was even warm-ish when the low slanting rays fell on my shoulders and I appreciated that much more than the over-eager sun of #Summer.

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